Istoric icli cofte

icli cofte

Printre bucatarii turci circula legenda “bucatarul excentric”. Se spune ca el a inventat “Oul de elicopter” – Icli Kofte.

Nu foarte demult era un bucàtar excentric, plin de viata si din cale-afara de glumet.
Intr-o buna zi bucatarul excentric isi ia elicopterul si ajunge intr-un sat. oamenii nu mai vãzuserã un elicopter pana atunci si se intrebau – ce-o fi asta? O pasare mai mare, un nor, sau poate un duh? Când a aterizat, bucãtarul n-a dat nici o explicatie, ci s-a apucat de gatit.

A luat niste carne proaspãta de vita pe care a tapetat-o cu bulgur si a prajit-o, creând astfel Icli Kofte.
Oamenii, si mai nedumeriti, l-au intrebat “Ce-ai fàcut acolo?”, iar bucätarul le-a ráspuns razand: “Un ou de elicopterl”


There is a legend among the Turkish  chefs about the “eccentric chef”. The  story says that  he invented the ‘helicopter  egg” – Icli Kofte.
Not very long ago, there was an  eccentric chef, mil of life and really  funny.

One day, the eccentric chef takes  the helicopter and arrives in a village.  People didn’t ever seen before a helicopter and they were asking themselves — It is a  large bird, a cloud or any spirit?
When he landed, the chef didn’t  start to talk, but he started cooking. He  took some fresh beef. Then he powdered  the meat with bulgur and fried it, creating  Icli Kofte. People, even more confused  then, they asked: – “What’s that?” and  the chef answered laughing: “It’s  helicopter egg!”